De in Nederland woonachtige gitarist Zoumana Diarra releast een lesvideo West-Afrikaans gitaar voor Truefire
West African Guitar Guidebook - Intro - Zoumana Diarra - een introductie.

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Eerste showcases bekend gemaakt voor Womex 2017, Katowice 25-29 oktober - mooie trailer!
WOMEX 17 - 1st Showcase Sampler
The first announcement of showcases for WOMEX 17, with artists from Angola to Jordan! All these artists will perform at WOMEX 17 in Katowice,
Poland from 25-29 October 2017. More line-up will be announced soon. Find out more information and links for each artist at

Video edited by Laurent Benhamou, WIMM Productions.

Official Selection
Alireza Ghorbani (Iran)
Black Flower (Belgium)
Dakh Daughters (Ukraine)
Dimitris Mystakidis (Greece)
Elkin Robinson (Colombia)
Gato Preto (Mozambique/Ghana/Senegal/Germany)
Ifriqiyya Electrique (Tunisia/France)
La Dame Blanche (Cuba/France)
Leyla McCalla (Haiti/USA)
MAZ (Canada)
Night (Nepal)
Park Jiha (South Korea)
Qwanqwa (Ethiopia)
Talisk (UK)
Vasilis Kostas & Layth Sidiq Duo (Greece/Jordan/USA)
Waldemar Bastos (Angola/Portugal)

DJ Summit
Barda (Argentina)
Ibaaku (Senegal)
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Nieuw album King Ayisoba - videoclip Africa Needs Africa - ft Wanlov the Kubolor & Big Gad
Van de nieuwe plaat 1000 Can Die van King Ayisoba uit Ghana.

taken from: King Ayisoba - 1000 Can Die
Order direct:
ing, iTunes & Amazon:

Video directed by @Wanlov Kubolor Cini
World booking & management

Born in Bolgatanga in rural Ghana, King Ayisoba was a prodigy on the kologo, playing locally until he’d outgrown the possibilities of the area. Moving to Accra, the country’s biggest city, he eventually released the song “I Want To See You, My Father.” There was nothing modern about it. No hiplife rap, no electronic beats. But somehow it conquered the country and brought the tradition firmly into the mainstream.

“It was Song of the Year and Traditional Song of the Year,” says album producer Zea. “He also had a song called “Modern Ghanaians” that said we shouldn’t forget the tradition. Instead we should use it to fight modern problems.”

With that mantra, King Ayisoba became the unlikeliest star. His music was a strong weapon for Ghana’s traditions. What he wanted, though, was to play with a band, to bring what he called the “man-power” to give the full drive to his sound. On the album Wicked Leaders, with Zea producing, that’s exactly what he did.
After that Ayisoba toured Europe together with Zea, opening up solo, providing guitar, vocals and live electronics on stage, and Francis Ayagama joined King Ayisoba's band on djembe and bemne drums

Alone or with beats, ultimately the power that propels 1000 Can Die comes from the band itself, from the sense of history that forms every piece of music. It’s there in every musician. They all go home and farm. They’re connected to the land, and the songs are part of the harvest they bring from the fields and from their own families.
“Ayisoba’s grandfather played the kologo,” Zea says. “But only in the house. He was a healer, a shaman. People would come and tell him their problems. He’d make a connection with the spirits, then play and start singing, and his stories would include solutions.”

On 1000 Can Die, King Ayisoba is digging a new future from Ghana’s soil.
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Herencia de Timbiqui in de Congahead-studio, New York, 17-11-2016.
Congahead is de site van Martin Cohen, oprichter en heel lange tijd eigenaar van LP percussie. Na de LP-tijd is hij de site begonnen en heeft inmiddels een megaverzameling opnames online staan van het allerbeste op latin gebied. Op 17 november 2016 kwam deze video vrij, met het Colombiaanse Herencia de Timbiqui.
Lees ook het artikel op MixedWorldMusic uit 2012:

Colombian band Herencia de Timbiqui stoped by our studio while on their U.S. tour to perform Ay No. This is the first time we have the marimba de chonta in our studio. Enjoy!

Contact info:

Composed by: Manuel Angulo
Arranged by: Herencia de Timbiquí

Lead Vocal: Begner Vásquez Angulo
Vocal / Guasa: Willian Angulo Ocoró Begner Vásquez Angulo
Marimba de Chonta: Carlos Riascos
Keys: Cristhian Salgado
Bass: Julio César Sánchez
Congas: Pablo Mancilla Mafla
Drums: Julio Mancilla Mafla
Bombo: Etiel Loango Alegría
Electric Guitar: Andrés Felipe Pinzón
Trumpet / Musical Director: Omar Julian Trujillo
Saxophone: Ulises Varela


Producer / Audio / Video: Javier Raez
Camera: Brett Arndt
Camera: Sandra Kratc
Camera: Neftali Kratc
Audio Assistant: Kamilo Kratc
Audio Assistant / Setup: Leonardo Lozano
Band's Manager: Pablo Gallego
Executive Producer / Camera: Martin Cohen

Food and Hospitality: Vivianne Cohen
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Zondag 23 oktober 2016 op Herfstfest: Marco Santos & Aly N'Diaye Rose
Hier de opname van Marco Santos & Aly N'Diaye Rose - Rose Rhythm tijdens Marco Santos presents Ana Beck & Omar Ka
@ Paard Van Troje, Den Haag, Friday 13th February. 2015 />
Ze spelen 23 oktober 2016 weer op Herfstfest, naast clinics en concerten van Gabor Drnyei. Drumbassadors: Wim de Vries & Ren Creemers, 3meets2: duo van Koen Herfst & Vernon Chatlein, Kaz Rodriguez, Christian Bass, Tim van Delft, Yoran Vroom, Bart Kuijpers, Eddie van Dongen, De Vuilnismannen, One Armed
Live at: Marco Santos presents Ana Beck & Omar Ka
@ Paard Van Troje, Den Haag, Friday 13th February. 2015

Aly N'Diaye Rose - percussion
Marco Santos - drums

Video - Wouter Kooken

Rose Rhythm - Written by Doudou N'Diaye Rose, (father of Aly N'Diaye Rose) one of the most renowned African musicians of the 20th century.
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Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano met track van zijn nieuwe album Heritage
Jokoh Jokoh

Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano ON TOUR THIS SUMMER.
Info and tickets:

Richard Bona's seemingly effortless voice, fierce skills on the bass, unique songwriting/arranging expertise and ability to learn just about any instrument simply from watching, position him as a rare African artist to have established an international reputation that transcends cultural boundaries. His new album is a compilation of art inspired by the shared heritage, rich folkloric and traditional music of West Africa and Cuba. Sit back and experience art with a purpose; Richard Bona and the Mandekan Cubano have carefully crafted a fusion of sounds, which merge cultures together through their ability to speak the universal language of music.
More than just a statement put to a tune, music is an outpouring of one’s soul in a deeply personal manner and that is exactly what “Heritage” serves to do. It is a window into the years of oral stories that have been passed down and placed in the musical prowess of Bona and the Mandekan Cubano. While this is Bona's first official Afro-Cuban record, it is not his first endeavor in the African music scene—rather, it is the culmination of his decades of experience in various genres, which produces an authentic expression of culture through sound. Preserving the traditions of the western African slave "Cabildos," Bona and the Mandekan Cubano bring the music, dance, rituals, and oral history of the island to the comfort of your home. Seeking inspiration from his origins, the themes of Bona’s art address international issues, which mirror his desire of utilizing music to take a stance on issues affecting the oppressed or the forgotten cultures of the people who so courageously paved the way for the life we presently live. The polyrhythmic beat felt in many of the tracks paradoxically serves as the bridge between African and Cuban music.
In present day society, we often get trapped into rigid lifestyles that reflect only one type of musical influence or culture. However, our world is vast, diverse, and is supported by the beautiful interweaving of multiple backgrounds. Without such diversity, our world would cease to be, quite frankly, a “world.” Its very definition reveals that it is “the earth, together with all of its countries, people, and natural features.” As a result, this album serves to educate listeners of the beauty that is created from remaining true to ones roots, yet also stepping outside of oneself to learn from others. Separately we succeed, but together, we thrive.

Richard on Facebook:
Richard on Twitter:
Richard on iTunes:
Richard on Spotify:
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Video recordings van Arifa: The Dream Keeper - Kids Play
Fraai opgenomen in studio Buitenwerkplaats, Starnmeer, de video recording van Arifa. Dit is de eerste video uit die sessies.

Title song: Kids Play

lex Simu (Romania) - Clarinet
Franz von Chossy (Germany) - Piano
Sjahin During (Turkey/Holland) - Percussion set

Composition by Franz von Chossy
Arrangement by Arifa

Please join us on Facebook:
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Tony Allen brengt 24 juni album uit met Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra: Bade Zile
De legendarische afro-beatspecialst Tony Allen heeft in een tijdsspanne van vijf dagen acht nummers geschreven die de kloof tussen afrobeat en haitiaanse grooves overbrugt. Volgende maand, 24 juni 2016, komt het album uit. Meer weten?
Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra
Release date: June 24th, 2016

Spearheaded by the legendary Afrobeat/Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen, the Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra rose out of Allen’s 2014 visit to Haiti where he collaborated with some of the countries most notable singers and percussionists including Sanba Zao, the vocalist on "Bade Zile." Analog synthesizers and raw psychedelic guitars join the mix yielding an unheard and unholy mixture of Haitian voodoo rhythms, afrobeat drumming and electronic experimentation. Inspired as much by Can and Sun Ra as Lagos or Port-au-Prince. Flying on inspiration and adrenaline, it’s roots music for a global future.

Video images: Bernard Benant
Video editing: Vladimir Gojun
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Between Music -AquaSonic: De trailer van een onderwaterconcert.
Ze zijn er al een aantal jaar mee bezig, de Denen van Between Music, maar dan lanceren ze nu eindelijk de trailer voor Aquasonic:een concert dat volledig onderwater opgevoerd wordt.
_____________________________________________________________________ -
An underwater concert by Between Music. Five performers submerged in water tanks, playing custom-made instruments and singing - entirely underwater.

AquaSonic is made by Between Music, Denmark.
International producer and representation: FuturePerfect Productions

Composer, and Performer: Laila Skovmand
Performer: Robert Karlsson
Performer: Morten Poulsen
Performer: Dea Maria Kjeldsen
Performer: Nanna Bech

Lighting Designer: Adalsteinn Stefansson
Sound Designer: Anders Boll

Video: Christoffer Brekne

International producer and representation: FuturePerfect Productions

Co-producer: Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture
Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, City of Aarhus, DJBFA, DMF, SNYK.
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Eerste single/videoclip van nieuw album Youssou N'Dour
Youssou Ndour - Serin Fallu, eerste video van zijn nieuwe album 'Senegal Rekk' dat 10 mei zal uitkomen.